Creative Process

I totally believe that the [creative] process is a dialogue

Tatiana Bilbao

Tatiana Bilbao, an architect, has banned renders until the end of the process. In her experience, these have become “obstacles in the creative process”.

There’s a very clear parallelism in this to using high-fidelity prototypes in digital product design too early in the process.

If you’re designing something for other people and with other people, you need to have honest conversations with them.

When something looks definitive and feels decided, it doesn’t invite for participation.

I really can’t believe anyone that says they can do useful architecture for a lot of people from one single mind. I can’t believe someone could say they understand everything, that they have all the tools to design something for someone else. I believe it is really hard to do that translation and I don’t believe that you can have all the inputs that you need.

Tatiana Bilbao

All ideas are born fragile. Creating the safe space to plant these ideas, materialising them in ways that don’t feel compromising, that are easy to throw-away and simply serve the creative process.